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G8 Digimedia is designed as a solution for pushing non interactive content onto G8 Eco App. It is highly customizable, hence allowing you to push stream specific or location specific content. So in the science department you may push contents relevant to science stream. Similarly students dormitory may receive contents on current Affairs, entertainment etc.

Remote handling of media devices

G8DigiMedia is comprised of screen that is installed in public spaces and it provides the ability to remote manage these screens over the LAN, WAN, VPN or across the web.

Dynamic content

G8 Digimedia provides dynamic contents on a digital screen that replaces static boards. The content is dynamic and can be changed from a central location through a web interface. The application allows to split the screen in different divisions. these divisions can dynamically change during playback and may show independent content that may or may not be relevant to the other screen areas. 

Major benefits of digital signs over traditional static signs are that the content can be changed without effort, animations can be shown, the signs can adapt to the context and audience, and even be interactive allowing the students to select contents that is relevant to him. 

Multiple tools for content handling

G8 Digimedia provides a robust set of tools designed to get the job done and deliver a consistent reliable content delivery on your screens to your entire captive audience.
The G8 Digimedia player supports long playbacks on a dedicated digital screens devices. and allows remote handling of the signage player.

Supports multiple formats

It supports a vast format of contents, from static pictures to flash animation, recorded movie/video or live feed. Digimedia allows you to plan content for different timelines. A content may run for say an hour and change or loop indefinitely.


Some key features


Applications of G8 Digisign