Ease of use

A few clicks and you are ready to use the world's most advanced computing device. Get a headstart for your organization, by choosing Enterprise - Custom configuration.

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Awesome savings

Save over 95% in your power bills. That's a saving of about $190 (INR 10,000) per desktop, per year !! Realy, check out the details for yourself.

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Feature packed

G8 Eco App, is one of the most versatile and feature packed devices you will see. Low power, high performance, Quad core graphic high definition output, puts it in a leage of its own.

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Our service guarantee

Each G8 Eco App comes with an unmatched lifetime warranty*. Any time, during this period, if your product fails you, we will repair/replace the same.

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G8 Media Net - Digital Library

It has never been as important as it is today, to bring the content from across the world into a one library that can be accessed by students on campus and off campus.

The challenge, however, is the wide and disparate standard systems being used by different types of content and the file formats.

G8 Media net excels in this field.

It has a collection of tools that enables you to access and read virtually any document format - whether its a simply epub format, pdf, html, mp4, video formats, audio, ppt etc.

You will never have to search beyond the suite to access the information that you need.

G8 Media Library

  1. Video Digital content: G8 Eco App comes bundled with world’s best media player (xbmc). This media player is capable of playing practically any video format that you can provide. The ability of the media player to showcase such videos along with its text content makes it an unparalleled player to work with videos.

  2. News/Current affairs: With the ability of the device to access data from the network and from thousands of pre-configured sources, the student gets a truly immersive experience.

  3. Book Readers: The pdf, epub files available on your central server is available to the students through the LAN. This enables the student to only keep the required books on his device the others can be made available on the local LAN.

  4. In case, you require the files to be available even from outside the campus – we bundle the solution with cloud storage solutions (like Copy, Dropbox) that enables your student to seamlessly have access to the files.


G8 Media Library



Built around the innovative G8 Eco App device. we provide an easy-to-use Android platform system that will assist your students to focus on the core objectives – learning (and not technology). The beauty of our solution lies in the fact that these devices come with a life-time warranty and extremely low maintenance needs. This allows deployment across the country (or globe) at a very rapid pace.

G8 Edu AppG8 Edu App

  • Learning

    • Classroom delivery - Active Classroom

    • Learning Management system

  • Digital library – G8 Media net

    • Video Library

    • eBooks 

    • News and Current Affairs

  • Collaboration

    • Academic and institution calendar collaboration 

    • File sharing – teacher to students

    • File sharing – student to students

  • Student Excellence kit

    • Prepare for CAT/GMAT/SAT, by actually taking mock tests

    • Prepare for interviews

    • Mock tests for key subjects

    • Run, model and create 3D wire, frame and solid design using AutoCad 360 application

  • Multi-media Channel - G8 DigiMedia

    • On-going live channels customized to stream of your student

  • eNotice Board – G8 DigiMedia

    • Bland notice boards, that give textual unreadable information is now a thing of past. Your new notice board is a large TV screen mounted at key places – school/college lobby, guest entry point, staff offices, department HODs.

    • Apart from displaying regular information like school schedule, results and important notices – now you can actually display multi-media content.

    • Show the clipping the chief guest of the last event, display the award giving ceremony of this year or show a glimpse of hostel life. Student councils, sports events now can be made available with a few clicks.

    • In a large organization that has offices, schools spread across multiple geographies – the ability to uniformly manage notices and information flow is always a concern. With G8 DigiMedia notice boards, a content changed by the Super User will refresh all the notices across the globe – almost instantly.

  • Mobile device management

    • Making the G8 Eco App so portable has its several benefits, however miniaturization brings with itself, own set of problems. Frequent loss of devices.

    • We recommend you insure the device against possible thefts.

    • While insurance will protect you from the physical losses, it may not be able to protect you from the intellectual property that goes out with the data on it. We have a solution.

    • Our Mobile device management tool allows you to monitor these devices, the applications being used on them and the status of each one of them.

    • In case of theft, you can even completely wipe the data off the device so that you know that the valuable data is protected from un-authorized access.

  • Unmatched service support

    • We offer life time warranty for G8 Eco App. This means, you are assured of unmatched performance from our devices for its full life period. Lifetime for these devices are defined as three years from the date of shipment.

    • G8 Eco app is a single board device and every configuration of the individual device is stored on the cloud. Thus in case of break fix requirements, one device can be changed to another in a matter of minutes.

    • Additionally, the skills required for this replacement is no longer a qualified computer engineer, even an ordinary helpdesk agent, a smart office boy or even the students themselves can do the changeover.

    • This specific feature allows you to deploy a multi-city solution, even in remote places.

    • We have also provided a very comprehensive support system that takes care of your support needs. We have a flexible and modular support system that will allow you to grow with time.

While we excel at the core technology skills, we understand that the customer needs are more than just acquiring technical solution - it is about problem solving.

At G8, we bring to the table curtting edge technology - but complemented with business solutions.

Our competencies

1. Linux integration

2. Cloud - virtualization

3. Network/IP/Security

4. Infrastructure management


G8 ServicesG8 Integration services

While we excel at the core technology skills, we understand that the customer needs are more than just acquiring technical solution - it is about problem solving.

At G8, we bring to the table curtting edge technology - but complemented with business solutions.

Our competencies

1. Linux integration

2. Mobile application development

3. Cloud - virtualization

4. Network/IP/Security

5. Infrastructure management


G8 Device management services

Globus Eight provides a comprehensive 24x7 monitoring service. Based on a global cloud, the monitoring service provides a two tiered control over your deployed infrastructure.

  • Monitor your deployment – 24x7
  • Control and manage applications on each device
  • Application updates automatically
  • Wipe data, in case of theft
  • Get current location on map (based on wifi geo)
  • Login and reboot, get terminal, logs etc
  • Modify, edit remote wifi network
  • Alerts if the system is offline for > x (24) hrs


G8 Network management services

  • 24x7 monitoring of devices – Application + Real human
  • Needs access to IP ping of device
  • Alerts if device goes down – Web, mail, SMS
  • Configure time of alert, window of operation, downtime
  • Group devices based on customers
  • Reports of device uptime for specified period
  • SSH login, in case of issues
  • Mobile access to status reports to our engineers/ Account managers

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