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Job application

There are five sections that you would have to cover. We expect you would take about 20-23 minutes to complete this application. All pages need to be completed and submitted in one sitting only. You would need fresh mind, your resume to get you started on this.

We look forward to receiving your application eagerly. We want you to come and work with us, share our vision and passion for making technology simple.


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Your professional background

Tell us about your job history.....

And your previous assignment....

Your education....


If you have more than one graduation degree, mention the most recent one here.

Post Graduation

If you have more than one post graduation degree, mention the most recent one.

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Let's talk a bit about you, your skills, your exeprtise and your experience.

"Globus eight is engaged in providing services and solutuion to the Securities and investment market. For this purpose, there Talent management team at Globus Eight is inviting candidates for Leadership positions, within the next 1 week."

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Here we discuss your choices and options.
All of the following are important in life. True success can be measured, only if you have an appropriate balance of all these in your professional life. However, every individual is different from the other and their preferences vary from time to time. We would like to know, at this point in your life how would you prioritize the following.

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This is the last section of the application. Tell us  bit about the job you have applied for.

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