Globus Eight offerings


We have created a modular framework of our offerings. This allows you to pick and choose the most optimal solution for your needs.

G8 ServicesG8 Integration services

While we excel at the core technology skills, we understand that the customer needs are more than just acquiring technical solution - it is about problem solving.

At G8, we bring to the table curtting edge technology - but complemented with business solutions.

Our competencies

1. Linux integration

2. Mobile application development

3. Cloud - virtualization

4. Network/IP/Security

5. Infrastructure management


G8 Device management services

Globus Eight provides a comprehensive 24x7 monitoring service. Based on a global cloud, the monitoring service provides a two tiered control over your deployed infrastructure.

  • Monitor your deployment – 24x7
  • Control and manage applications on each device
  • Application updates automatically
  • Wipe data, in case of theft
  • Get current location on map (based on wifi geo)
  • Login and reboot, get terminal, logs etc
  • Modify, edit remote wifi network
  • Alerts if the system is offline for > x (24) hrs


G8 Network management services

  • 24x7 monitoring of devices – Application + Real human
  • Needs access to IP ping of device
  • Alerts if device goes down – Web, mail, SMS
  • Configure time of alert, window of operation, downtime
  • Group devices based on customers
  • Reports of device uptime for specified period
  • SSH login, in case of issues
  • Mobile access to status reports to our engineers/ Account managers

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