Globus Eight offerings


We have created a modular framework of our offerings. This allows you to pick and choose the most optimal solution for your needs.

G8 Power Thin Client

  • A natural, powerful thin client for your cloud computing

  • All the benefits of a conventional thin client, plus the added advantage of powerful desktop

  • Can be configured as Thin client OR Hybrid client to reduce bandwidth dependencies

  • Works on RDP

  • Compatible with VmWARE, Citrix, Blaze, Xen deployment

  • Requires backend servers

    • Option I : Works on RDP. Connects with your existing cloud services

    • Option II : G8 a dedicated hardware. For a blazing fast access (10x speeds of normal connections)

  • Works with Windows / Linux based cloud virtualization solutions

  • G8 Eco Android can be pre-configured for your organisation servers and auto-login


G8 Executive Office

  • G8 Executive office is for your senior executives or those who need to access to high definition video files played from their systems. The G8 Executive Office is a complete set - compare with high end computer.

  • It includes

    • G8 Eco App - Quad core

    • 21.5" LED (1920x1080p), with sound

    • Wireless key board + Mouse

    • Built-in Wifi + USB Ethernet port

    • 16 GB memory card


G8 Office Plus

  • The innovative, state of the art G8 Office Plus is the ideal solution for day to day office needs. The high performance, ultra-low powered, pico sized device is backed up with a life time warranty and provides all the functionalities of a Linux based environment.

  • A complete set with

    • G8 Eco App Dual Core

    • 18" LED Monitor (1368 x 768 resolution)

    • Wired keyboard + Mouse + 4 port USB Hub

    • Built-in WiFi

    • 8 GB memory card

    • Speaker plus Microphone


G8 Desktop Refresh

  • G8 Desktop Refresh is your solution, if you want to upgrade your existing desktop, change only the CPU and keep the current monitors and keyboard.

  • It contains

    • G8 Eco App Dual Core

    • 8 GB memory card

    • HDMI to VGA cable

    • 4 port USB hub

  • You will be providing

    • Monitors

    • Keyboard and mouse for these systems


G8 DigiSign

  • Bland notice boards, that give textual unreadable information is now a thing of past. Your new notice board is a large TV screen mounted at key places – school/college lobby, guest entry point, staff offices, department Head Offices.

  • In a large organization that has offices spread across multiple geographies – the ability to uniformly manage notices and information flow is always a concern. With G8 DigiSign notice boards, a content changed by the Super User will refresh all the notices across the globe – almost instantly.

  • The G8 DigiSign offering really makes the notice board go live.

  • The G8 Digi Sign bundle includes

    • G8 Eco App Dual core

    • Built-in Wifi

    • 8 GB Flash card

    • HDMI Cable

    • G8 DigiSign Studio (for Mac/Windows - to create your digital signage world)

    • G8 DigiSign player subscription for the devic

  • You need to provide

    • Retail display unit (TV/monitor) 

    • Wifi at location


All of the above bundles come with Lifetime replacement warranty from G8.


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