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We have created a modular framework of our offerings. This allows you to pick and choose the most optimal solution for your needs.

G8 Media Net - Digital Library

It has never been as important as it is today, to bring the content from across the world into a one library that can be accessed by students on campus and off campus.

The challenge, however, is the wide and disparate standard systems being used by different types of content and the file formats.

G8 Media net excels in this field.

It has a collection of tools that enables you to access and read virtually any document format - whether its a simply epub format, pdf, html, mp4, video formats, audio, ppt etc.

You will never have to search beyond the suite to access the information that you need.

G8 Media Library

  1. Video Digital content: G8 Eco App comes bundled with world’s best media player (xbmc). This media player is capable of playing practically any video format that you can provide. The ability of the media player to showcase such videos along with its text content makes it an unparalleled player to work with videos.

  2. News/Current affairs: With the ability of the device to access data from the network and from thousands of pre-configured sources, the student gets a truly immersive experience.

  3. Book Readers: The pdf, epub files available on your central server is available to the students through the LAN. This enables the student to only keep the required books on his device the others can be made available on the local LAN.

  4. In case, you require the files to be available even from outside the campus – we bundle the solution with cloud storage solutions (like Copy, Dropbox) that enables your student to seamlessly have access to the files.


G8 Media Library



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