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If there is anything we understand better than technology and your business - its the significance and importance of support services. We have 'designed' each of our support package to provide exactly what you need.

Incident Severity LevelsExperience has taught us that it all tickets are different, and thus they need to be address differently. Based on the impact a situation is causing the incidents are defined under four criterion

The conditions are applicable ONLY where Globus Eight has supplied the respective elements (such as central servers, network, G8 Eco App) AND you have a service contract (Service Matrix) with us.  Clause not applicable for conditions where we have not supplied the said component of the solution.

1. Severity Level 1:  In our understanding, we declare the incident Severity level 1, when any one of the following conditions are met at your premises.

Condition 1- When a critical system or network component or key application is under outage (or imminent outage) with critical impact on customer service delivery in terms of services and revenue. Additionally, no work around options are available. One location is defined as > 50 G8 Eco Apps.

Condition 2 - Total loss of service to entire user set which includes total un-availablity of critical applications for entire end users in all locations.

2. Severity Level 2:

An incident is categorized as severity level 2 when,

Condition 1: a key component of solution, an application across all users, or a set of critical user 's G8 Eco App or network is down, degraded, or unusable leading to performance and degradation of service.

Condition 2: An incident which is not yet S1, but might lead to a potential S1 incident.

Condition 3: Partial users at a particular location are affected but not all the users in all locations.

3. Severity Level 3: Either of the following

Condition 1: A component, application or procedure is down, unusable, or difficult to use which might have some operational impact but there is no impact on service delivery at customer side.

Condition 2: There is an application outage reported in some application but there is a alternative workaround available.  All reported incidents which degrade the service but do not prevent the delivery of the service by customer. 

Condition 3: Only scattered G8 Eco App users are affected because of these outage/application down etc.

4. Severity Level 4:

Condition 1: When a component of solution or process, not critical to collective users is unusable as there is no impact to service and production.

Condition 2: When less than 2% of users are affected.

We have deployed a cloud based, state of the art 24x7 helpdesk support system, that allows you to lodge a ticket from any part of the globe and receive support within the Committed Service Level Agreements. When a ticket is created, based on the definition above, the team assigns a severity level, and puts into motion all the action items that is needed to either recover from the system immediately or bring it down to next level of severity.


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