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If there is anything we understand better than technology and your business - its the significance and importance of support services. We have 'designed' each of our support package to provide exactly what you need.

At  Globus Eight, we have designed a service pack, for every need and every budget.

We strongly encourage our clients to optimize on the support charges, and thus choose the option that best suits your needs. We are all about savings, and we would hate to see you spending on something that you never needed. Make sure, you select any one of the following packages, when it comes to selecting your support from Globus Eight.

Eco On-demand: G8 Eco App is designed to be practically maintenance free. Additionally, if your IT team has an aptitude to for hands-on approach, this is what you should be selecting. This service pack entitles you to on-line knowledge-base and you get to communicate with our experts over email. Most technically oriented corporations choose this solution to optimize on the service spend.

Eco On-Site: If you did select Eco On-demand, and for any reason, you feel the need for our engineer to visit - for training, demonstration, technical resolution, you can always buy this one visit pack.

Gold services: Most customers who have taken base products such as Eco PicUntu, Eco Android or Power TC, choose this option. This gives you unhindered access to all our services (except site visit), for upto 24 tickets that must be utilised within a period of 12 months from the date of purchase order.

Platinum Services: One of the most popular  service pack that our customers choose, is the Platinum services. This gives them the peace of mind, that we at Globus Eight are there for as many number of tickets that you may need to fix a particular situation. These are restricted to break-fix services and you can raise as many tickets as you would like to raise to be assured of best quality service delivery.

Platinum Plus: is generally for those customers who have an installed based of about 500 Eco Apps or more. The availability of 4% of stock at your premises enables you to keep your end customers/users up and running always - so while your defective product is traveling to our warehouse and back, your user would not feel the gap in operations.

 Platinum Pro: Available in select geographics, this is a custom made solution for your needs. When you need us to be present with you, on site for as many times as the break-fix solution is required. Ask your Account Manager to work specific requirement analysis to select this package.

Here is a quick matrix of the options available with each Package contract.


S No. Service Components Description   Eco On-demand Eco-On-site Gold Platinum Platinum Plus Platinum Pro
  No Tickets     5 1 24 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
  Period     1yr 1yr 1yr 1yr 1yr 1yr
  RMA duration     2yrs 0 2yrs 2yrs 2yrs 2yrs
  On-site visits     Nil 1 Nil Nil Nil Unlimited
1 Web Pack Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Knowledge base, Glossary   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 Web Ticket Access to raise, review tickets   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
3 Email Support Response through email   Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
4 Web chat Webchat, Google Chat, Skype   No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
5 Telephonic Call Voice call   No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
6 Remote Login SSH, Webmin, airdroid login to your device, central server.   No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
7 RMA-Gold We guarantee to ship the repaired/replaced the product within 10 working days of receipt at our warehouse.   Yes No Yes Yes NA NA
8 RMA-Platinum We provide 4% of stock at your premises, to be used as spares. Your RMA products are shipped from our warehouse, within 10 working days of receipt.   No No No No Yes Yes
9 On-site support Our engineer visits your premises to fix issues not resolvable from remote.   No Yes No No No Yes



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